Monday, February 27

Mixed Media Challenge Swap - What I received!

Only half the fun in participating in a swap is creating the one you'll be giving.  The other half is opening the package you receive!

I could hardly wait to open the package from Caroline of Bent Whims Studio.  In fact I didn't wait long as I tore into in my car in my driveway!  She'd given me a foreshadowing by saying it was dark and hoped I was okay with dark.  I love dark!  In fact I love creepy and looking at the dark side of ourselves.  I may, I should, I must just go there one of these days.  The only thing that keeps me back is knowing my husband is going to hate it.  I should stop worrying about that, right??

I actually don't think her beautiful art piece is dark.  It's sad for sure when our innocence is lost, but is truth dark?

The details in her piece are very cool - just about disguising the tin it was made in.

The heart is such a great deep red and looks very real in organ texture - like a kidney!

And one of the coolest things is the face glows in the dark!

It was serendipitous that the piece I created was sort of in the primitive style.  I didn't even look at her site until I was finished.  When I did see some her work I did a little dance knowing that she was likely going to like it and how fateful the whole process of creation. 

This is one of her art dolls on Etsy:

Thank you Caroline!!


  1. what a nice piece! I really like the doll from her shop as well.

  2. You both did great!


  3. Swaps are so much fun! And you're right...half the fun is creating a piece...and the other is getting one! A win win :)

  4. Thank you so much Janet! I absolutely love what you made and glad that we met. :D


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